The Java Den
Located right in the lobby!

Good coffee is just a few minutes from your front door.

Order Online – Enjoy the convenience of having your drink ready when you walk up to the counter!

Local Favorites – Java Den sources its delicious coffee and food items from many different Wisconsin businesses.

A Positive Impact – We value sustainability and strive to reduce our environmental footprint by supporting local initiatives.

Wonderstate and Ledger Coffee

Special crafted blends made right here in Wisconsin. Try the unique Java Den Blend made by Wonderstate Coffee. Balanced and fragrant with hints of milk chocolate, citrus, and floral.

Rishi Tea and Nessalla Kombucha

Premium tea and botanicals imported directly from gardens across the world. Craft brewed Kombucha using organic and fair trade ingredients. Stop by and try for yourself!

Gotham Bagels and Madison Sourdough

The perfect New York bagels made by hand. Delicious bakery items made to share the love of Wisconsin grains and wild fermentation. Whatever your pick, Java Den will provide.

Grab and Go

Bubblrs, bottled water, chips, trail mix, fruit snacks, and much more! Great for busy students and faculty who need to pick up some study fuel for their long days.

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