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Locally owned + operated

Your student’s comfort, security, and experience at Grand Central are our highest priorities. And there’s no better way to ensure that than to be right here for your child. In town, on campus, in the building, on-call. Not out-of-state and out-of-touch with what is happening on campus and throughout Madison on a daily basis. In fact, Grand Central was developed and is owned by former UW graduates (who live in the Madison area). Dare we say that’s a connection that makes your student one of us? We do. To our future alum sisters and brothers, when you say Wisconsin…you’ve said it all!

Move In, Move Out

Ready, set…go! Oh, we know the drill. And we have it down to a science. So take comfort when loading up your student, there’s a well-oiled machine right there to help you check-in or out (which we hope is only because you have a new graduate leaving to take on the next chapter).

Never hesitate to call us for details, or check out our Moving page for more info!

Classes Right Outside

In the middle of the beautiful and venerable UW campus resides Grand Central. Mere seconds to just minutes from classes. In fact, living at Grand Central (or its sister property next door, X01) puts your student the most central location to all classes—and also to the icons that enrich the UW experience like Camp Randall, Kohl Center, Union South, Memorial Union, and Union Terrace. Shorter walks mean more time spent doing what you love.

Safety + Security

Grand Central is a securely locked building with security cameras in common areas with private, on-site security here nightly with overnight hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Taylor, our on-site manager, is on duty during business hours. Plus, there’s a 24-hour call service for maintenance emergencies. Of course, Grand Central is in the middle of campus, surrounded by well-lit streets and school buildings. It’s an extraordinary location that puts your child’s home in the heart of UW’s campus.

No Surprise Bills

All for one monthly payment means no extra amenities fees or additional charges. Heat, electricity, high-speed internet, furnishings, fitness center, printer/scanner access, and more, just one payment each month. When you break it all down and compare, Grand Central and its sister property, X01, are the best value on or off-campus.

We are here for you, too

Contact us anytime you want. However you like, for whatever you need. Email our management office at campus@lz-management.com, call us at 608.441.3400 or stop by our office in-person.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A sublet happens when a current tenant decides to rent their unit to a third-party, while keeping the lease is in the original tenant’s name. We often have sublease agreements when a current tenant decides to study abroad for a semester, or won’t be in Madison for the summer months. Subletting can involve the entire unit, or individual bedrooms. If a tenant chooses to sublet, he/she is ultimately responsible for finding a sublease-tenant. However, LZ Management’s marketing team can assist in the process upon request. Price is to be negotiated between the original tenant and the sublet tenant. It’s important to keep in mind that the original amount of rent due remains the same. Additionally, the original tenant remains ultimately responsible for the lease if the sublease-tenant defaults. The original tenant is released from the lease obligations when the lease terminates. The sub-lessee(s) must complete an application to be approved by the landlord. In addition, all tenants, the sub-lessee(s), and the Landlord must sign the sublet agreement before the sublease becomes a legal amendment. Finally, there is a $150 sublet fee due upon completion of authorization.
  • We strongly recommend you do not have any mail or packages delivered to Grand/Central until you’ve taken occupancy in your apartment. Any packages and/or mail items that are sent to the building with the name of someone who is not a current tenant are typically sent back with the courier to its original sender.
  • You can drop your proof of insurance documents directly into the online tenant portal through the Insurance tab. You may also purchase a Renter’s Insurance policy through the portal. It is not necessary to send your policy or insurance documents to your property manager.
  • With current lease terms ending 8/13 and due to time constraints of the turnover process, we are unable to accommodate early move-in requests.
  • We will start accepting parking applications for the next year on March 1st. You can find the application and more information about rates, contract terms & more on the Parking page.
  • A good question to ask when looking for an apartment. Your monthly installment pays for everything. There are no extra amenities fees or additional charges. Heat, electricity, water, high-speed Internet, furnishings, fitness center, study lounge / print access are all included. We also have trash chutes and recycling stations on every floor to help make life a little easier.
  • Absolutely! Monthly payments can be made online via the Appfolio Tenant Portal.
  • Yes. You can reach out to our property managers, Taylor Harrell & Evan Grobarchik, with any questions or concerns via email at campus@lz-management.com or by phone at (608) 441-3400.

  • A great and important question to ask. All entrances to the building (including the parking garages and elevators) have controlled access, meaning a fob is required to get in. There are also 24/7 surveillance cameras in all public spaces and entrances. In addition, we have on-site security overnight on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.
  • Maintenance requests can be submitted online via the Appfolio tenant portal, and our maintenance staff will respond promptly. We also have a 24/7 emergency maintenance team for any urgent matters that occur after hours that can be reached at (608) 283-3112.
  • Yes
Best Location

Living at this apartment has been one of the best experiences of my sophomore year. Everything from the location to the attentiveness of the managers had made living here an overall wonderful experience, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to live that is near campus!

Alexa T
Home Away From Home

I lived here for the past two year and can say that Grand Central is a great place to stay. Throughout my time here, any issues I had were always immediately addressed. My apartment was well maintained and if something ever broke, maintenance came the next day to fix or replace it. Also the free moped parking in a heated parking garage was a major bonus throughout the winter. Only downside is the laundry system which is a bit inconvenient but it is still reasonable. If you’re looking, I highly suggest choosing Grand Central.

Jacob G
Great Management

I lived here for 3 years, and it was great! Management is amazing and hosted multiple pizza parties, taco parties, etc. Maintenance requests were always completed extremely fast. You also can’t beat how close it is to classes! Highly recommend living here!

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