2024-25 Availabilities
Unit 1008
Executive Studio

439 sqft


Available 8/15/2024 to 8/12/2025

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Classes Right Outside

In the middle of the beautiful and venerable UW campus resides X01. Seconds to just minutes from classes. In fact, living at X01 (or its sister property next door, Grand Central) puts your student the most centered to all classes—and also to the icons that enrich the UW experience in Camp Randall, Kohl Center, Union South, Memorial Union and Union Terrace. Shorter walks also mean less wear and tear on footwear. And less wear and tear means X01 might just be the low cost leader in footwear.

No Surprise Bills

All for one monthly payment means no extra amenities fees or additional charges. Heat, electricity, high-speed Internet, furnishings, fitness center, printer/scanner access and more, just one payment each month. When you break it all down and compare, X01 and its sister property, Grand Central, are the best value on, or off campus.

New Fitness Center

This spacious, comprehensive fitness center is exclusive to X01 and Grand Central residents only (and included in the rent). Literally a few steps from X01, Brooks Street Gym provides a variety of brand name industrial-quality cardio machines, weight machines and free weights. In addition, BSG features fitness flooring, large windows with views of the campus, a bank of TVs with both male and female bathrooms. This is neither a closet with a couple treadmills and a few dumbbells nor on the other side of campus. It’s an airy, inviting space that inspires fitness without having to leave the block to get there.